Story? Grey hair on men wha?


Another day, another beauty query to solve at HQ. Once more my mailbox recieved a strange communique. See can you make head or tail of it.


Howeya. Just writin in on one of those internet yokes down the boozer to see if anyone fancies a bit of an aul ride an in annyways? Jaysus effin christ there's thousands of youse burds readin this blog that I could charm the Pennys knickers off wha? I've a big langer - well jaysus everyone knows - it's all part of me legend by now. So happy days for me wha'?

And for you, if you play your cards right, know what I mean, an in annyways.

Ah no seriously I'm in a bit of a fix. It's wreckin me buzz. Well it's me hair that's the worry. I'm goin a bit grey. I'm still a ride though, don't be worrin ladies.


Fancy a Marlboro? - or a bit of a dart while no one's lookin? Ah only messin, I like to treat me motts better than that. Sure I'll stand as many as wants me and me big langer, a pint a Harp down the pub later. What pub? Any bleedin pub in Dublin, fecks sake. I'll be in them all, every bleedin one, tonight. It's me hard drinkin ways, all part of me legend wha? I'll be finishin off in Lily's so you can catch me there if you fancy a bit of the other. Whoooa - go on ya good thing!


Itgrecian200.jpg was unsigned, as these strange emails so often are. Again, with no clue who had sent it, I deduced that it was from a male person, with far too much testosterone and an unnatural tendency to be speaking in the strongest Dublinese possible. Oh and who was going a bit grey.

What advice to give him? Stay grey! It's sexy. Don't be going for any of yer old Grecian 2000 or any of that jazz.

But if you are who I think you might be, I do have a couple of pieces of advice for you. Don't be worrying about the grey hair - but please oh please WASH it a bit more often. And lose the beard. It's seriously yuck. Get yourself to a good barber - they'll sort you out.


Now over to you Beaut.ies. Any advice for our emailer?

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