Stub Out Smoking

We were talking about quitting smoking yesterday so I thought you might be interested in SOS

Buy Cosmetics have an amazing 70% discount on this product, knocking €50 off the RRP. It's available delivered for only €19.99.

The makers of SOS developed the product about 5 years ago in America where they say smokers had become the equivalent of modern day lepers.
So how does this wonder product work?


SOS - Stub out Smoking Spray is a water-based product designed to take the pleasure out of smoking, making it easier for you to cut down and then stop smoking altogether. Each 125ml bottle holds more than enough of the “miracle” liquid to help you stop smoking. Many smokers will need only a few applications before they kick the habit. It only takes 3 days for nicotine to leave the body. This is the key step to giving up.

Visit Buy Cosmetics to find out all the information - this might be the kick in the butt (groan, sorry) you need to help you quit.

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