Help! Why is my hair falling out? Our hair expert explains why

Today, guest writer Eddie Doyle, TV and celebrity hair stylist, fills us in why you may be losing so much hair, and what to do about it.

I’m not a trichologist but as a seasoned stylist, here’s what I know. The hairs on your head individually have their own life span. From the moment the hair follicle starts to grow, it’s destined to fall out at a certain time. People say to me,“My hair grows faster here than it does there”, and, well it’s true in a way. It doesn’t grow faster; it has just stopped growing, and won't get any longer, and one day, like a petal from a flower, it will fall off while the rest continues to grow.

We all lose hair every day of the week, some more so than others, but in all cases, the hair will inevitably fall out in certain areas. This cycle can be slowed down with the help of certain shampoos. The cleansers strengthen the hold the scalp has on the hair strands, tightening the skin and its grip on the hair.

But, might I add that stress is a major cause of hair loss.

Your skin/scalp will react to your emotional and mental state. Conditions like alopecia - where the skin releases large amounts of hair in one, sometimes several areas, leaving hairless areas on the scalp - are related to stress and pressure on your mind.


So if you notice the plug hole in the shower is a little fuller than normal, then say to yourself, “I must be stressed", or remember, it was just time for those hairs to fall out.

If you have any hair related questions you would like to ask Eddie, comment below.

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