Diet Diaries: When the most grueling diet ever finally starts to become a way of life

I feel like I'm conditioned into avoiding carbs now

I know that I will eat them again, and I actually did eat them last week (completely by accident), but I suppose what I'm trying to say is that it's getting a lot easier to make positive and healthy choices. I honestly never thought I would hear myself say that.

So, for anyone thinking weight loss is an easy journey - it isn't. But starting really is the hardest part (read about my struggles here). When I was struggling to keep on track, a good friend told me to "just do what Axl Rose did when he was giving up the gear". Yes, I was to hold out 'til tomorrow. If I really wanted the chocolate, or sweets or wine, tomorrow I could have it. Tomorrow never came.

I have been on this diet for seven weeks now, and it has got a lot easier. Although it is frustrating that I'm losing such small amounts of weight every week, I'm told that is the healthy way to do it. If I were to loose anymore, it would all come back as soon as I stop, which, of course, I don't want. But, I am highly impatient by nature.



I do think it's quite empowering to be able to stick to something and succeed at it. Although it's a daily challenge, the positives outweigh the negatives, and it's really not that bad when you set your mind to it and stick to it. There are always 100 reasons not to do something, but when you focus on making one small change at a time, and just focusing on that one thing, it becomes truly empowering.

My main challenge during this last few weeks was the confusion in non-carb noodles. I thought I was eating no carbs as I had mistakenly bought Shitaki noodles instead of Shiritaki noodles. I still lost 2lbs though, so we're all good.

My weight loss to date is 13lbs. If you are interested in trying out this particular diet, visit The Anne Rossi Clinic in Clontarf.

Are you like me and struggle even knowing what is healthy and what isn't?

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