Sudocrem: a much loved zit zapper

img_sudocrem.jpgWhat can't you live without, we asked you on Monday. Which products deserve cult status? Well, you had loads of answers, but one name reappeared time and time again. Sudocrem.

Yes humble aul Sudocrem. Something it seems a lot of you will take with you right from the cradle to the grave. Best known for its main use, nappy rash, it's also being used to calm  zits and breakouts.

This brings back memories of the boy who used to live next door to us. He had a bad case of teenage acne and he used sudocrem liberally to treat it. He'd call into me every evening so we could do our teenage things (hang around, do more hanging around, be cool, slump around with our jumpers over our hands etc). I used to have to remind him "eh, Sudocrem", and nod towards his chin. He used to forget to rub it in and I would have to intervene before he could be seen in public (I mean, what if we ran into Sorcha from down the road who he was literally dying with love for?).

It's enduring in its popularity. It contains zinc oxide (which gives it its white colour) and Peru Balsam. It is a disinfectant, has mild anesthetic qualities, and is hypoallergenic and antibacterial. No wonder so many of you love it!


But just remember to rub it in properly!

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