Survey Shows That Women Don't Like The Man Bun

The man bun has increasingly become a popular hairstyle these days, but it seems that there are plenty of ladies out there are not fans of it. 

Men's hairstyles and grooming trends tend to change pretty regularly, but every now and then, a particular style emerges that gets people talking and divides opinion. Recently, that particular honour has gone to the man bun, which has been getting a lot of attention as hipsters around the country look to find the latest trend before everyone else knows about it.

However, a new survey by West Coast Shaving showed that it might be time to declare the man bun out of style as 62.9% of women surveyed said that they either don't like or really don't like the man bun, while the first adjective that people associated with it was "feminine". Over 74% of the women asked also said that if a current or past significant other had a man bun, they wouldn't find them attractive. 


The survey was performed by a company based in the US that specialises in grooming and shaving products for men, so their anti-man bun position is understandable, but the findings are still pretty interesting.

Are you a fan of the man bun mun or do you think a classic short back and sides is the best way to go? What is your fella sporting on his noggin?

Via BroBible

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