Swap white eyeliner with this to look bright-eyed (on 4 hours sleep)

One of the greatest tricks in makeup history has just got a makeover

I'm a divil for staying up way past the bedtime recommended to me by experts. I rarely get eight hours sleep, and even if I turned off the lights at the right time, I know I'd still spend the night twisting and turning and waking up at inappropriate times, only to feel wrecked when my alarm goes off.

I've accepted that I'm on my way to looking like a haggard old witch (the flurry of white hairs that my hair colourist can't keep up with doesn't help) but I don't mind too much because we women have a not-so-secret weapon: makeup.

You've probably had that conversation with your friends about what you would do if you couldn't wear makeup (my answer, hide in my room with the curtains permanently drawn). It has power, does makeup. Its power is not restricted to covering up all your (my) insecurities blemishes; it can change your entire face if you want it, too. Thanks, contouring.

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One of the best-known tricks of the cosmetics trade is the white eyeliner around the eye thing, to make you look like you hadn't spent all evening drinking cocktails with your bestie when you should have been a proper adult and went home when the clock struck the witching hour. It's a good one, I'll give it that, and I spent all Christmas party season drawing that white line around my peeper.


Now, I've discovered an even better alternative. I met up with Smashbox a couple of weeks ago to have a gawk at their newest wares and included in the haul are the Always On Gel Eye Liners. I took home a jet black one (FYI, it is IMPOSSIBLE to remove, a good or bad thing depending on the gal) and a version in 'bubbly' a highlighter-pink shade - and this, my friends, is awake eyes 2.0.

I've tried it, and it works so well. It looks better, and not as obvious TBH, than white because it's a similar colour to the flesh surrounding your eye (when it's not a sleep-deprived grey). Thus fooling everyone into thinking you're a responsible grown-up.

I particularly like this liner because of the lovely gel texture and, like the black, it stays put forever. But it's not the only liner you can use for this job, though. I've been using the highlighting end of the Essence contouring crayon, and it also does a good job.


No one will every think I'm tired again!


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