Swit Swoo: Givenchy Printed Lips

I am totally taken by the idea of Givenchy's new Printed Lips pens, €23 a pop. A lipstain in two shades, this appeals oh-so-much cos, y'see, I love lipstains. I adore Bourjois' Rouge Hi-Tech versions and use them all the time - they're incredible for getting long-lasting colour that doesn't give a 'product' feel. There's no gloop on your lips, just colour, which means that during this kind of cold weather, you can layer your lipbalm on top and not feel like you're missing out on a nice part of the whole beauty buzz.


Givenchy have two on counter now in Pink Impression (left) and Rose Impression (right), and come payday, I will most likely to be found at a counter, making a purchase before I run off cackling in delight to scribble all over my face. Ah beauty, I how I love thee.

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