Thalgo Biodepyl


Whoohoo! A product that can help retard the re-growth of hair after waxing! We've heard about them before, but I think this one might actually do the business. It's Thalgo Biodepyl Concentrate and it's used in some salons after a wax to encourage hair to grow back more slowly, and to reduce the thickness of the hair.


You can buy it online for home use too, and while it's not cheap - £35 from, if it does do what it says it does, then it'd pay for itself fairly quickly. So how does it work? It contains an ingredient called Capislow plus essential oils from Lemon, Lavender, Verbena and Camomile, and it's the combination of these that help to slow down hair re-growth. Another useful benefit of it is that it can help prevent irriration and nasty ingrown hairs too. Sweet!

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