The Appliance of Science: Cuddle Note Discovered (again)

So, it turns out that, according to some scientists the other week, what women really want is snuggles beneath the duvet. And in order to get your man to comply, you have to fool his nose with hormones, notably with oxytocin, which stimulates affectionate feelings.

According to, as I stifled back a laugh, "in the experiments, 24 men took nasal sprays containing oxytocin, while 24 others were given a placebo. Afterwards they were shown emotional photographs including a crying child and a man in mourning. Researchers explain the men who were given oxytocin showed higher emotional empathy levels than those on the placebo."

Science at its finest, I think you will agree.


Anyway, feck all that, because had this news over a year ago (December 24th 2008 to be precise) with our Super Important Breaking News Story on the Cuddly Note. Fragrance consultant and expert John Ayres (who is absolutely fascinating to speak to) told me that it's well-known that warm, rich notes like chocolate, honey and vanilla work on guys and they find them sensuous and comforting.

There you go now - no more scouring the internet for black market vials of oxytocin so he'll acknowledge your presence when he comes home from a hard day sending round-robin emails to his mates at the office. All you need to do is to douse yourself in something containing one of the above notes and bob's yer uncle. Jo Malone can supply you with something Vanilla-y, Estee Lauder's Sensuous (see, they're in on it too) is honey-soaked and for chocolate, you probably can't do better than Thierry Mugler's Angel.

Sadly, I tend to loathe all perfumes containing any of the above notes, and therefore must go un-hugged for ever more.

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