08/08/08: The beginning of the affair - Eight Hour Handcream


Ahhh would you look at this...

One of my very first posts for Beaut.ie was this declaration of love for Eight Hour Handcream. The blog charts the date of my first purchase of this wondrous miracle worker for hands - 27 September 2006.

I've gone through a fair few tubes of hand cream since then - all in the name of research you understand (cough). But this is one of my Can't Live Withouts and I buy it again and again.


Before we started up the blog we wrote a few posts, so that when it went live there would be something for people to read and this was one of them. So this isn't even a post from history - it's a post from PRE-history.
Have a read of it here.

Sentimental sniffling? Who, me? No no, I just have something in my eye...

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