The Body Shop Christmas Collection - With Swatches!

We all love a touch of Christmassy makeup. It's an excuse to wear sparkle in inappropriate places. I meant your hair. What did you think I meant!?

There seems to be a fashion among Christmas collections this year for body sparkle sprays housed in a vintage 1940's style pump bottle. Among them is ArtDeco's Glam Moon and Stars Collection. I am happy about this fashion.

  • Glazed Apple Sparkler (€22.50)

I'll be honest, body sparkle isn't really my thing, but the Body Shop's version is beautifully scented. The one I have here - Glazed Apple - has the most deliciously crisp wontry scent. The sparkle itself sprays neatly onto the skin - it doesn't go everywhere - and is very subtle. Subtle is preferable to the human disco ball effect, I think.

This would look charming on the dressing table of any makeup buff, and would make a very pretty gift. The scent is really not be underestimated - delicious. It's available now.



  • Frosted Pastels Eye Palette (€22.50)

I wasn't sure about this palette when I saw the frosted blue. It brought to mind grannies who just can't let the swingin' sixties go, and wear the stuff all the way up to their eyebrows. However, on closer inspection it's rather nice. The blue is very iridescent, and leaves more of a sparkly wash than an aggressive bluish block of colour.


The nude shade has a lovely light reflective but non-sparkly finish. The black is rather pigmented, and contains some sparkle. The taupe is pretty and buildable with a satin finish that catches the light. The wintry design of the palette is pretty cute too. The Body Shop was my go-to for Kris Kindle gifts as a teen, and it will always have a special place in my heart for that reason.

Didn't YOU buy friends strawberry body wash and a shower poof when you were fourteen!? Share your thoughts on this collection in the comments!




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