The Clinique Computer

clinique 'computer'I only have one thing to say here

Tee hee

How on earth can the Clinique consultants bring out the “computer” with a straight face.

Consultant: “Lets just check what skincare products are best for your skin type”

Me: (fighting back the uncontrollable urge to laugh) “OK”


Consultant consults the, emmm, computer, slides some knobs up and down, recommends a variation on the 3 step program and somewhat shamefacedly tidies the computer away.

What happens if the computer crashes? This could be a serious problem. People could get the wrong moisturiser. The Y2K upgrades must have caused a major headache for the IT department. Mon dieu!

Clinique: we can’t take this seriously anymore, if we ever did. Please upgrade your “system”. It has all the diagnostic sophistication of an abacus.

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