Best Foot Forward: The Ped Egg Files

Ped egg

Still smarting from the recent disappointments of Pickles Ointment and Balsan Balm, I found myself turning to my trusty JML Ped Egg in the last little while to try and sort out my flip-flot feet. I always wonder why I bother trying other DIY foot implements and treatments when I go back to it.

High praise indeed from a girl who once spent almost £40 - yes, forty Sterling pounds - on a Diamancel #11 Tough Buffer foot file in Selfridges.

The Ped Egg just really works to remove hard skin and calluses without damaging healthy, normal skin. Its 135 precision microfiles, er, file off dead skin, which is then collected in the shavings compartment, ready for inspection disposal. (Yeh, that end of the job is a bit gross, but better there than all over the floor.)


For the smoothest result, use the enclosed fine emery pads to finish the job.

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