The new much-hyped hair product we really, really wanted to love

Like all new launches with the 'you will love this product more than you love your children' type marketing hype around it, you can't help but be lulled into a false sense of expectation. I have no qualms about marketing - it's what our society and the cosmetic industry thrive on, and I have huge admiration for marketers who manage to sell a product that really isn't all that good. That is a massive achievement in itself.

I own a makeup and brow studio and am hugely aware of just how difficult sales and marketing are.

So, when Shu Uemura launched their blow dry mist, I was exceptionally excited. If you were to estimate the amount of time I spend blow-drying my hair, it would probably be half of my adult life.




My hair naturally has a wave in it which is not quite curly but not straight. If I add product, I might get somewhat of a curl but not the kind that I could go out and feel like I have made an effort. It's more of a, "I have been living in a bush without shower facilities" kind of hair that leaves me with no other option than to spend at least 30 minutes every second day to get my hair looking somewhat presentable.



I'm all about time-saving, and any product that will aid with that is top of my wish list, so having read all about Shu Uemura's new Time-Saving Blow Dry Oil, you can only imagine my thoughts.

I read the directions carefully and followed them well. But, despite my  hopes and wants, I can honestly say I found no difference in the time it took to dry my hair. In fact, I feel it took slightly longer as the product made my hair slightly sticky.

I even went online to watch hair tutorials of people using the product and tried their methods with still no joy.

This "time-saving" product is just good marketing in my books.

Sigh. The search continues.


Have you ever found a real time-saving blow dry product? I'm all ears.

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