The Proactiv Solution

Proactiv, with its huge celebrity endorsement (Jessica Simpson, Vanessa Williams, Lindsey Lohan, Elle McPherson, Sean Coombes...) and its constant television advertising, has certainly caught my eye.

Proactiv claims to clear up problem skin, acne and reduce breakouts. It makes big claims.

So when it was recommended by reader ML as one of her hero products, I was delighted because now it meant we could get a real (as opposed to celebrity) review.

Here's ML's story:

"Proactiv was unknown here until recently - I only knew of it because I lived in the US and it's a big seller there, through infomercials. It was created by two dermatologists, Rodan and Fields and is based on Salicylic Acid-Combination Therapy - so called because you have to use all the products in combination.

When you order it from the UK, they send you a 4 piece kit, costing around 65 euro plus a tenner P&P. They've introduced a new night-time treatment lotion including retinol, which can't be bad. When you order first, you also get a free tube of face mask-I've used it, it's great. Then they send you a new 4 piece kit every 2 months, debiting your credit card."


There are three steps in the Proactiv system: cleanser, toner and moisturiser (there are different moisturisers for day and night time use). Back to ML:

  • "The cleanser is not suitable for make up removal, you use it after you take off your makeup, (it feels like a creamy exfoliator).
  • The toner (which is more like an exfoliating tonic) is allowed to dry on your skin.
  • Then apply the treatment lotion and let it dry.
  • You can then apply moisturiser and makeup over it in the daytime, or at night.
  • It doesn't dry the skin at all, as long as you don't use too much.

Sounds simple, but for some reason, I and my friends who now use it find it works to keep the breakouts at bay and heal exisiting blemishes. But I still get some-it's not a miracle worker, but does make a difference. I believe it can also work for more severe acne.

What else can I say: I can't imagine not using it, even though I'm nearly 30 and still getting breakouts!"

To find out more visit There's a phone number to call for Irish orders. If you've also tried Proactiv I'd love to hear about your experience - leave us a comment!

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