The Scent of a Woman #1

My favourite perfume changes all the time. I don't have a signature scent at all, just favourites I go back to time and time again. I do tend towards really fresh scents usually, and I don't generally like very musky, talcy scent - I really, really hate Agent Provocateur scents. Yuck! Waaaay too powdery and heavy for me. Dior Poison would be another I'd shudder to have sprayed on me, but give me a fruity floral or an oceanic scent and I'll be delira.


rush 2I've been loving Gucci Rush 2 for a good while now. Rush 1 has a really petrol-y smell about it and I find it to be way too heady. But Rush 2 is gorgeous - it's "a sensual combination of narcissus, rose, oak moss & wood that is inviting & subtly addictive". It's as far from Rush 1 as I can imagine, yet Gucci give the impression of the two being a complimentary set - the packaging (which is fabulous) is extremely similar. So beware, it's easy to mix them up and get the not so nice one. It's available over at our auld mates for for €28.21 for the 30ml size, €42.97 for 50ml, or a jumbo 75ml bottle will cost you €49.92. They're really good prices too.

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