Three reasons why these are our beauty looks of the week

Our picks of the three best beauty looks of the week won us over with unique details. Sometimes, you don't have to go full on glamour with all the bells and whistles of contouring and strobing and all that malarky. In so many cases, one small detail can elevate your entire look.

Here's why these three women win our looks of the week.

  • Aisha Tyler


The first standout element of this look is that Aisha's lip shade perfectly matches her complexion, but check out those incredible lashes.

  • Isabella Lindblom

Model Isabella Lindblom

This time, the braid is definitely back. Everyone's doing the Kim K / girl boxer braided plaits, and we're jumping on that trend stat. It's time for an alternative to the topknot. Also, hasn't she got the most perfectly bronzed glow you ever did see?

  • Naomi Watts


Her hair matches the ruffles of her dress. That is all.


Check out the gallery and tell us, who would you pick as your beauty look of the week?

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