Tooling Up: Latest Launches from Clarisonic, Ghd and More

It's time to face the music.

X-Factor is back on our screens and that means we’re on the countdown to the C-word. Yep, I went there. #sorrynotsorry

Now Laura went there yesterday with her look at the upcoming Jo Malone launches (did you see that calendar and ginormous cracker? You can check them out here).  But one good thing about accepting this fact is you can get working on your wishlist and, if you’re anything like us, you’ll be liberally peppering it with all sorts of high-tech and high-fallutin’ beauty gadgetry. Well, a gal can dream and here are the gadgets that light up my dreams at night.

Smart on charger w light on

The latest Clarisonic tool, Smart Profile, is one we think will feature heavily in letters to Santa this year. Just swap the brush heads on this smart sonic cleansing device and you can use it on your face or body – for a cleanse that’s eleven times better than using hands alone.

Smart side profile with turbo BH

Microchip technology automatically adjusts the speed, frequency and cleansing time of the device for a customised cleanse, and also alerts users about when it’s time to change the brush heads.

Other new features like a powerful turbo function and extended battery life mean the €249 price-tag isn’t quite so painful (especially if Santy is footing the bill). Oh, and the body brush cleanses and massages, for the ultimate in at-home luxury.



Another innovative new launch comes from ghd, in the form of their new platinum styler. With three sensors to monitor temperature, this next-gen hair styler is designed to limit heat damage; we’re promised a 50% reduction in breakage, along with a 20% increase in shine.

There’s a new ergonomically designed handle, too, which not only makes the tool easier to use, but keeps the plates in alignment and ensures we won’t apply excess pressure to our locks. This one is €215 and multi-tasks to straighten the hair or create pretty waves and curls.


After seeing this video. I have to admit that one beauty tool I won’t be stocking up on is cosmetic sponges,. Yes, it’s back to brushes for me in a big, big way. And as one of our favourite Irish brush brands, NIMA brush, approaches its third birthday, they’ve added even more products to the line.


The flat-top kabuki from the white and rose-gold elite collection and the ‘Blaithin’ from the newest, duck-egg blue, artistic range are particular favourites; check out the full kit and caboodle on or see what else we’re rating here.


So tell us, which gadgets are on your wishlist? Are you loving your Clarisonic or is there a brush that there will have to prise from your hand?

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