3 beauty products that might just change your life

When it comes to beauty products, we have become a people that just can't live without them. Some are amazing and life-changing - but others just aren't worth the price tag.

We won't talk about the duds today, though. Let's focus on the three little beauty products that I think are absolute miracles. The products that change the way you do your hair, or makeup. Products that when I tried, they pretty much changed my life.



L'Oreal Magic ReTouch €10.79

This is my go-to product for those times in between my colour appointments. It really is a must-have for anyone who has grey hair issues. When I started using this product I felt that if I touched my hair throughout the day it would make my fingers look like I had been digging in mud as the residue would come off on my fingers. However, I found out that if you apply it to wet hair before you dry it, it works a treat, leaving you residue-free and grey-free. Till this weekend, this she finally got her white strands seen to, Editor Miriam had been using it for seven months. 


Mini Beauty Blender €21.15

When it comes to concealer sticking into lines around the eye area there is nothing better at all than a mini beauty blender. Damp the mini sponge and use it to push your concealer into the delicate eye area. After, dust lightly with a loose powder and bob's your uncle; flawless concealer every time.


Clarins Volume Mascara €26



This product is quickly becoming my Favourite Mascara of All Time. The formula not only hydrates and nourishes your lashes but also helps them grow by up to 40%. I can't tell you how many compliments I have had on the length of my lashes since using this product.

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