5 totally achievable beauty trends that will be huge in 2017

If like me, you are still in shock that it is now January and last year was the fastest year of your life, it might comfort you to know that 2017 will bring a big change in beauty trends.

If you have been trying to perfect your perfect contour and power brow without success, worry not; you can wave goodbye to these terrible trends cause they are so last year. Say hello to these very pretty new ones.

  • Ash Toned Hair

Golden blonde and bright tone are a thing of the past. This year ash toned blondes and greys will be a lot more prevalent.

  • Non-Heat Hair Styles

Undone #texture

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It's time to embrace what God gave you. Instead of trying to blow dry your hair or straighten or curl it, add a bit of product, and let it dry naturally.

  • Chrome Nails

You will start to see these mirror-like nails around which, in the past, were quite difficult to achieve. Thanks to recent technology, the formula is much better and more realistic.

  • Bright Blusher

The contour is out and bright blusher is in. You will start seeing it used more to define cheekbones and give you a slightly flushed but healthy look.

  • Oxblood is the New Black 


Consider this your new black. It is a perfect lip colour, nail colour and could even be worn on the lids if you're feeling daring.

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