5 Halloween makeup looks you can easily do with stuff you already own

Halloween is creeping up on us like a bat out of hell. It's less than a week away! So, it's time to research some quick and easy makeup looks you can achieve pretty painlessly at home.

You either love it or hate it, but there is no reason why you wouldn't be prepared for any last minute Halloween party invites you might or might not attend.

Get your black kohl pencils and fake blood at the ready, 'cause here are five easy looks you can achieve at home in a jiffy.

A Bloody Eye Lid

This is a relatively easy look to pull off. You just need a combination of red cream shadow (or lipstick) as your base and red shadow to blend followed by a stipple sponge and some artificial blood.

A Spider Eye

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You will need some black eyeshadow, black pencil, white pencil, red lip liner and some lashes. You could keep it to one eye only and just wear a dark smoky eye on the other. It's rough and ready so there isn't much technicality to achieve.


Again this non-technical look is relatively easy to pull off. You will need a pale foundation, some black pencil blended out with black eyeshadow around the eyes, a touch of black shadow on the inside of the lips, fake blood for tears and some blue contact lenses (if you're that brave). Just make sure they aren't too cheap! Your eyesight is more important than a Halloween costume.

Little Red Riding Hood 

This consists of your normal day makeup, a red hood and some blood. Easy peasy.

Bullet Hole

This one is slightly more challenging, but for all your creative go-getters out there here is a step by step of how to achieve a bullet hole look. You will need, tissue, liquid latex, fake blood and some oil face paints in purple, pink and black.


What was your favourite Halloween costume of all time?

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