Our top picks from the upcoming 'Wood You Love Me' collection by Essence

We've been checking out the latest Essence trend collection and picked our favourites.

Essence launches their new collection next week and the theme is all about love and cuteness. "Wood You Love Me?" has been inspired by woodland animals and features some really lovely products and ideas. Of course, as it's Essence, everything is purse-friendly, too (always a bonus in January!).

In the collection, there are new nail polishes, eye palettes, eyeliners, lip colours, lashes and more. We've whittled it down and chosen our favourite, stand out pieces.

essence wood you love me masks

  • Eye and Face Sheet Masks €1.90-€2.50

These fun little masks are perfect for prepping your skin before going out. Or alternatively, use them when you're relaxing on the sofa with a cup of tea when staying in.


essence wood you love me lip palette

  • Wood You Love Me? Lip Palette €4.40

What's great about a lip palette is that you can mix and match your lip colours. This one offers matte, shimmer and metallic textures so it's easy to create and customise shades and finishes

  • Wood You Love Me? Eye Palette €4.40
    essence wood you love me eye palette

Four eyeshadows and a highlighter make up this cute this eye palette that's perfect for creating spring looks. Oh, and just to make it that little bit more adorable, there are hugging bunnies on the packaging, too!
essence wood you love me eye palette


The "Wood You Love Me? " Essence trend collection will be available from 15th Jan 2018. 

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