Trendy lipstick shades we never should have worn

Trendy lipstick shades come and go with the seasons. We're looking back at some we all wore, but in hindsight, should probably have given a miss.

Trendy lipstick shades come along every few years. For a time, they're everywhere. And then they're gone. Much like the mega hit song of the summer that gets overplayed on the radio - you love it, until you've had enough of it. They can make you cringe, especially when you look back at old pictures. But it could be worse, we could be talking about hairstyles (remember the twisty, pineapple look?, or how everyone wanted to look like Rachel from Friends regardless of their hair type?).

In a similar way, though, trendy lipsticks shades and makeup trends in general act like a snapshot in time. I guarantee that you'll remember an exact time in your life when you revisit them. And if you have any funny stories, let us know down in the comments!

'90s Brown Lip Liner

The first make-up product I snuck into our shopping basket in the supermarket was a toffee coloured lip liner. It was 1994 and I was about ten. My mother looked at me, wondering how I thought it'd get past her. Of course, she noticed it immediately. She never wore makeup so I thought it was curtains for my brown lip liner dream, but with a wry smile she relented and I was able to go home with my little prize.

Concealer Lips


A huge trend in the late '90s and early noughties. This was when everyone ditched lip liner completely and just piled on the concealer (and pink blusher) instead. If you were feeling glamorous, you might have added some clear gloss on top too. Basically we all sort of looked like dolls. But the most unfortunate thing about concealer lips is how yellow it made your teeth look.

Grey Lipstick

Looking for some makeup inspo and the funniest captions ever! Check out @theblondemann #smithsquad #makeuptools #smithbrushes #repost ・・・ Grey lipstick is kinda like red lipstick in a sense that people still stare at you when it's all over your teeth ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ @anastasiabeverlyhills subculture on eyes and smoke on lips @lillyghalichi @lillylashes Alinna @makeupbyalinna @coverfx N0 foundation @tartecosmetics Park avenue princess @toofaced love light @nyxcosmetics_canada blush in summer peach @smithcosmetics 230, 232, 205, and 203 #smithcosmetics #makeupbrushes #makeupbrush #eyebrushes #blendingbrush #linerbrush #greylipstick #eyemakeup #eyemakeupideas #eyemakeupinspiration #makeuptutorial #makeupobsessed #makeupaddict #makeuplove #makeupoftheday #torontomakeup #torontomua

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If you can't quite remember when you wore a grey lipstick it's probably because it's a trend happening right now on Instagram.


Experimenting with makeup is one of life's simple pleasures. There's no right or wrong, just what you feel comfortable with. But... do you think that this will be another "why did I do it?" trendy lipstick shade moment?

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