Trendy up-styles and how to achieve them

Up-styles can be daunting for most. It can feel like it will be either a fluke or a disaster.

But up styles really are not as hard as they look. Once you know the method behind it, its pretty straightforward.

There are a plethora of online tutorials to chose from.

Here are some simple yet stunning up-styles that really are much easier than they appear.

French Braid

Starting with a simple French braid this add a whole other dimension to this stunning up style. Watch and re-watch and once you get the hang of it, its like riding a bike.


Three Step Style

When you look at the final picture it is hard to believe that this look could be achieved with just three steps. But here it is plain and simple and so beautiful.

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* A couple more weddings before fall ? 😘 ... #btcFIRSTFEATURE by @kellgrace ❤ --- Step by step of my famous Figure 8 technique (2 ponytails). Except in this look I doubled the Figure 8 technique (4 ponytails). Remember to think outside the box with my techniques! 📦🤓🤔 I’ve developed them to help you get started, but once you master them use ur imagination to go above and beyond. And remember to have fun! 🤗. Love u all! . . . #btckellgrace #behindthechair #updo #hairtutorial #upstyles #updotutorial #braid #braids #hairstylist #blonde #longhairdontcare #hairup #hairtrends #bridalhair #bridehair #bridalpartyhair #bridesmaidhair #formalhair #hairup #haireducation #hairshow

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This is by far our favourite. It is so simple but absolutely stunning for any occasion. The simple braid really finishing off the look beautifully.

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