Tried and Tested: 3 Skin Serums, 3 Reviews

I’m always looking for a perfect skin care product that actually “does what it says on the tin”. I put them through rigorous testing; so rigorous in fact that sometimes I wonder if I am looking for a miracle product that doesn’t exist. And next up in my laboratory are skin serums.

*snaps on glittery goggles*

I’ve been trying out three serums recently so that I could give you an honest review on which one is my favourite and why.

Here are a breakdown three that are new to the market and full of promises.


  • Yves Saint Laurent  Forever Youth Liberator (water-in-oil) €80

This product is said to give you an instant “flash” of youth as it promises to recharge radiance, reduce fine lines and nourish the skin. And it can be worn both alone, or before or after make up.

First impressions were that I found the packaging delightful and that the scent was nice (though it may be too infused for some). The product feels great on the on the skin and definitely feels hydrating after use. And *sound the joyful klaxon* I didn’t breakout from the product which is always a bonus for me as my skin can be quite sensitive.

But while I enjoyed using it, I neither felt nor saw any lasting, visible difference in my skin after two weeks. I'll keep at it and see if a longer time frame yields different results.



  • Trilogy Age-Proof with Glycablend (€29.95)

This product has been formulated to improve the skins overall texture, minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and restore radiance. It is made up from carefully selected pure plant oils like pomegranate seed oil, blueberry seed oil, strawberry seed oil and chia seed oil.

I found I initially enjoyed the feel and smell of this one. I have a penchant for natural based products (probably because I spent my whole teenage years bouncing from one acne medication to another, each one growing harsher and more chemically infused). So when I see natural products, I feel drawn to them.

The price point on this one is more than affordable which is a big bonus. And while my skin looked and felt more radiant and slightly more hydrated, I don’t feel it minimised the appearance of lines. And I have to say the overall texture of my skin didn’t change much. But the texture and smell of the product felt great on my skin, and it definitely helped with hydration levels.



  • DoTerra Immortelle  Anti-Aging Blend 10ml (€98)

Again, this is a product full of some of the most rare essential oils that have been used throughout history for their beautifying benefits - Frankincense, Hawaiian Sandalwood, Lavender Flower, Myrrh Resin, Helichrysum Flower and Rose Flower.

It promises to reduce inflammation, support skin at a cellular level and to reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and aging of skin. And after using this product for two days, I did see the texture in my skin tone even out. After one week, my open pores had minimized, the lines around my eyes had nearly gone, and the lines on my forehead had lessened. I am a convert and I don't care who knows.



So let me pop on my lab coat and give you my conclusions - for overall result, DoTerra’s Immortal wins hands down. For best affordable price point, Trilogy’s offering yields decent results for a decent price point. And if packaging, scent and a product that feels like a bit of a treat is what you're after, YSL is the one for you - maybe you'll will see lasting results faster than I did.

Are there any serums out there that you have tried and loved or hated? Tell us what they are and why!

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