Tweezerman Tweezers

tweezerman tweezersI dunno about you, but it's constant vigilence with me and my eyebrows. I have an auld check pretty much daily and I couldn't keep them so well shorn if it wasn't for my Tweezerman Tweezers. I've had several over the years - I had two pairs siezed on me in Stanstead a few years ago and I've never managed to achieve their particular dizzy height of tweezing ability, but my current pair are pretty good. The key thing with a decent set of tweezers is thin tips - you don't stand a chance of getting short hairs out if the tips are thick. I prefer the slanted variety, as opposed to the type that taper into a sharp point at the top - I can't get the hang of them at all.


Tweezerman tweezers don't come particularly cheap (expect to pay €18+) but they're worth the cash. You can also send them back if they need to be sharpened but if you can't be doing with that, I've also read that you can rub them off some fine grade emery (not sandpaper!) to bring them back up to a sharper point. I have tried that, to no discernable effect, but you might have more luck than me!

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