Creating smoky eyes in two easy steps: get in line for Beth Bender

get in line.jpgAt the weekend I tried out the Beth Bender makeup range. Now I have to admit normally I'm a bit crap at trying out new looks. I kind of know what suits me and stay with that.

So when some Beth Bender slap came my way I was delighted to use it. Why? Well first off - it's just SO pretty! The bronzer, the lipgloss and the glam gloss are all packaged in the most adorable tubs with pretty flowers and sequins. But the star of the range is definitely the Get in Line kit.

Developed for idiots like me, this is a simple pallette with three key eyeshadow colours: charcoal, chocolate and cream. And two templates. Aha! Here comes the good bit.

Template one: simple smoky eyes. Put the plastic template over your eye area, fill in the gap with colour and blend with the cream shadow. Build up the darker shadow if you want to achieve a more dramatic look. Bingo! A totally matte smoky eye.


Tempate two gives you a simple way to achieve oh so sexy cat eyes.

Perfect for a no messin' about, glam night time look!

Get one of these for yourself for $36 from

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