Two headed monster rears its ugly heads: what to do with a fecker of a spot?

With almost as many heads as a Hydra this was one spot that was mad as hell and not going to take it any more.

It was one of those sore ones you see.  Sore and so huge the side of my chin looked deformed and I couldn't poke and prod it without screaming like a stuck pig.

"Stop being so dramatic" said Himself, wandering into the bathroom.

"I'm NOT" I screeched.  "This is so bloody sore! I LOOK DEFORMED!"

He beat a hasty retreat and I don't blame him.  I was being a bit overdramatic.  But only a bit.


Eventually - days later - the spot finally came to a horrible double headed point.  But it was still so sore that I couldn't squeeze.

I cleansed with all my favourite zit zapping cleansers (Vichy Normaderm and the new Neutrogena facial wash), slapped a dollop of clay facemask on my chin every night and used half a ton of concealer every time I had to leave the house.

When I did finally get to blast the bastard into the mirror I screamed with pain - and relief.  So much relief.

The mark of it is still there.  In fact I feel like I'll be scarred for life at this stage and so to combat that I'm using skin brightening cleanser and serum (I'm loving this range from Neostrata).

What's your strategy for dealing with spots?  Toothpaste - or perhaps you swear by Origins or Clearasil?


Tell us in the comments - I need to know!

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