NeoStrata's New Line Lift: We Have High Hopes

I'm gonna come straight out and say that I've seen before and after pics of women who have used Line Lift and it has me sold. So, we're starting out on that note! 

I had a chat with two lovely ladies who came all the way over from Princeton, New Jersey to talk all things NeoStrata, especially about the new Triple Firming Night Cream (which we'll get to another day) and the Line Lift.

All of the women in the before and after pics were a lot older than me so when I got to chatting I wasn't thinking about myself in particular. Until the NeoStrata ladies noticed the laughter lines around my peepers (why do they call them laughter lines? When I peer closely at them all I want to do is cry) and casually dropped into conversation that I could use Line Lift on that area. Obviously I've been using it ever since.

line lift pic

The NeoStrata Line Lift is a two-step treatment that targets deep expression lines, crow's feet, smoker's lines and smile lines. Step one is an Aminofil™ activator which is an applicator with a roller ball that you roll all over your lines. Its function is to stimulate pro-collagen and collagen and to increase hyaluronic acid. 

step one tube

Step 2 is a 'finishing complex' which you apply directly over Step 1 to seal it in. 


step one hand

Now for the ingredients. I have all the deets at my disposal so let's go wild! So, in step one we have Aminofil, an amino acid deriritave, N-acetyl tyrosinamide, that features in the Line Lift because the fast skin matrix building effects make it a great wrinkle/line filler. 

Step 2 has NeoCitrate™ helps stimulate collagen and helps increase skin firmness and plumpness and NeoGlucosamine™ which is a non acid amino sugar making it a good alternative to acids as they don't have the uncomfortable side-effects. As in, they won't sting and burn your face off.

cream hand

The creators of Line Lift suggest that this is a good product for those who are not quite ready for injections (as well as as an adjuct to injectable fillers, for hard to inject places like around those around the eye. I have never even thought of filling my lines in because I keep on convincing myself that I'm immune to the ageing process but since my crow's feet are now so patently obvious I'll be rolling and patting on them till I see results. I can feel the deep furrow between by brow now so I'll do the roll and pat on that too! 

You apply Line Lift before other products, but after cleansing, and you can use an eye cream over it if you use it around the eyes. Which is good news for me because I want to tackle the big black bags under them too!


I can't show you before and after pics right now because I've only been using this for two days but I'm dying for 16 weeks time when we can hopefully see results.

NeoStrata Line Lift pack costs €69.94 and is available in selected pharmacies nationwide. 

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