Viktor & Rolf

viktor and rolf perfumeViktor and Rolf are sooooo hot right now. Not content with designing a range for H&M that lasted on the shelves about 2 nanoseconds, they've just launched a perfume called Flowerbomb for women too. But it's not just any auld perfume - oh no - it's "an antidote to the reality against which we have only one weapon: dream".

Right so.

In anyways, after I picked myself up off the floor where I had fallen down laughing, I thought you'd all like to know what it actually smells like. You know, its reason for being. Well, they say it's a "explosive bouquet, a host of sweet floral layers, mingling jasmine, rose, freesia and orchids, underlined with patchouli. A lingering fragrance, which leaves a very chic, swirling trail".


I have sniffed it, and I didn't like it too much I'm afraid. But if you're a fan of heady scents like Dior's Addict or either of Agent Provocateur's scents you'll probably really like it. And it looks lovely - the bottle is gorgeous and will look great adorning your boudoir.

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