W7's Catwalk Face Shaper: Affordable Contouring Kit. Good Product, Not a Grrrreat Product

Yesterday we checked out W7's dupe for the Naked Palette and today we're having another rummage around this bargain brand.

We're all about the face contouring here in Beaut HQ but there's one golden rule that must always be adhered to: if you're keeping things dewy with a liquid foundation and a cream highlighting/contouring set, then you should never add a powder to the mix.

Personally I prefer to contour with a light powder than a cream-based product. It's easier to blend powder products and there's less a chance of winding up with a mucky looking face than if you're trying to blend something like this with your finger tips.

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If you're after an all over dewy look, and a dab hand at contouring, you'll be happy to learn that budget brand W7 have come across with their new Catwalk Face Shaper (retailing at a pocket-friendly €7). And it's not dissimilar to Sleek's popular version.

This product promises to give you super defined cheekbones at an affordable price.


Well, affordable it is indeed and super defined you will be, but we're not quite sure just how 'super defined' you'd want to be.

With a dark brown liquid bronzer such as this, blending and creating a natural look on your face does require a bit of skill. If you simply lash the highlighter across your cheekbones and layer the bronze shade just below it, there's a chance you'll look like a toddler who's gotten access to the Nutella jar; unfortunately the darker of the shades is a little too heavy for eager fingers. It needs a lot of time and patience to blend this one in.

What's more, the Catwalk Face Shaper doesn't dry with a matte finish, so if you're in anyway prone to oiliness, avoid.

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On the plus side, if you've got a bit of a sun tan, or you have naturally sallow skin, this product may work to add to the natural contours of your face. However, if you're a pale beauty looking to give some love to those cheekbones, a less intense powder will be the better route.


Tread carefully with this one, if it isn't applied with a practised hand, it can fall into tiger stripes very quickly. If you want to check out our guide to contouring, we have all the info that you'll need here.

Do you prefer to contour with powder or cream products? Do you find contouring a challenge? Have you tried W7's offering? Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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