How to make sure your wedding hair colour is perfect for the big day

Getting your wedding hair colour just right is a bigger challenge than one might think. A challenge that takes a lot of time...

I have always been an adventure seeker when it comes to hair colour. When you're young and carefree and don't have a wedding coming up in a few months time, you can afford to dye, dye and dye some more. Now that I do have a wedding coming up, I've realised that you can't just get your perfect wedding hair colour just by plopping more dye on top of the last job you had.

I thought I was simply going back to basics with my wedding look. All I want is my natural dark brown shade, with bits of clean blonde in it to break it up a bit. So far, so simple, right? LOL. How wrong I was. Because my hair is quite warm, I knew it would take a few times to get a clean blonde. However, instead of just the tips becoming cleaner, the last few times I've had my hair done, the blonde seems to be spreading, leaving me with a not-at-all-fetching orange hue. Not what I had in mind for my wedding.

wedding hair colour 1

I was close to just dying it all back to brown when I heard about a great colour specialist in Dublin salon Sugar Cubed. After a long consultation including photos, Aimee explained the process that would get the results I wanted.

She explained that because my hair is warm toned, it would take three sessions to get it where I wanted it to be. She also recommended GK Treatment. My hair is naturally frizzy/curly so this is a special treatment that relaxes the hair using natural ingredients. The results last for 12 weeks, so it's perfect for weddings abroad and, of course, summertime festivals, holidays and for people with difficult hair to manage.


Aimee has a Colour Masters and very evidently knows her trade. The initial results were really great, and I was most impressed at how she listened to what I wanted and got as close to it as possible this time round.

There is still a bit of warmth in my hair, but I'm back to being darker with some clean and lighter tones in it and am a lot closer to where I want to be. I'm looking forward to seeing what Aimee can do.

wedding hair colour 2

The moral of this story for all you brides-to-be is that achieving perfect hair takes time. It's so important to find the right hairdresser and start early.

Have you had any terrible hair experiences? We want to hear about them.

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