The week in beauty: our favourite looks

This week, Lady Gaga does not feature in the Top Three. I thought about it, but no; there are only so many Bowie tributes one can do until people start to expect them - and that's when it's time to stop.

She was Bowie-fiedĀ at the week's biggest event, The Grammys, (and dammit but her hair is marvellous) and that's where we spotted the rest of our beauty looks of the week.

First up is singer Jenna Rose who we're pleased to see is sporting a rather fetching twisted top knot (although we would tie up those bits at the front. SO noughties.) This, of course, means that the top knot lives, which is great news for those of us who simply cannot pull off the Heidi braid look, i.e. 99% of the population.

She's only 17, so that accounts for her fresh face, and while we can't turn back the hands of time, we can copy her thick eyeliner with matching brows.


ModelĀ Nicole Trunfio is giving Olivia Palermo a run for her money with her Park Avenue Princess hair. Those subtle highlights! The gently wavy blow dry! We're showing this pic to the hairdresser for the next wedding we go to. Top marks for the almost bare eyes and dramatic lip too. We're showing this picture to the makeup fixer-upper, too.



Lastly, it's Tay Tay. As if we could leave out the Queen of the Grammys. Her bob is a little on the side of five-year-old on her first day of Big School (or, as one friend pointed out it, it's basically He-Man's 'do), but that perfectly drawn lip is a beautiful shade of orangey red.


What do you think? Who's the Beauty Queen this week in your book?

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