Weird (and pointless) Pre-Facial Behaviour

face masque

I've recently noticed that before  I go for a facial, I go a bit mintil.  I basically try to do as much prep as possible so my skin will be in the best possible nick before the therapist gets a look at it and tuts disapprovingly at me. It's a bit like people who frantically tidy their gaff before the cleaning lady comes around. Mad, I know, but I just can't stop myself.

I'd a treatment the other day, and the night before headed off to the sanctuary of the bathroom so I could Modern Friction and Papaya Enzyme Peel my face, and then slap on lashings 'n lashing of moisturiser. Doh.


So, is this just a mad me quirk (like chucking out unwanted conditioner), or does anyone else do this too?

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