Whaddya Know? Garnier Pure Active Spot-on Roll-on Really Works

I have a COLOSSAL zit on the side of my chin. Oh my god. It is huge. It's like the yoke on Richard E Grant in How to Get Ahead in Advertising. It's taken a life of its own and I can only attribute the weather going from humid to cool; starting work in an air conditioned office and mucho stresso for it.

Eh, the picking at it won't have helped either, I guess.

Anyway, when it reached vesuvius proportions earlier this week I began to panic. This was no mere 'area of congestion', this was an out-and-out erruption and I really very rarely get them. I needed something pretty heavy duty and handily remembered the Garnier Pure Active Spot-on Roll-on I'd left in himself's bathroom cabinet.


Out it came and on it rolled. It's got 2% salicylic acid which is a whizz for battling zits. And it worked - two days application twice a day has brought it right down and the redness has almost completely faded. For €10.49, that's not a bad result.

But there is a drawback - as there is with ANY spot-reducer, cheap or dear: they really dry out skin. A lot of people grumble and think anti-zit products are a failure as a result but that's just what these boyos do - the ingredients are in there to dessicate the spot and stop it oozing. Unfortunately, if you slap stuff like this on willy-nilly then yes, you'll get a lot more drying going on than you'd like. The rollerball on this makes it easier to be precise, and while I do have a flaky chin, it's preferable to the weeping volcano that was there two days ago.

All in all, a great emergency fix to have on hand, well done Garnier!

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