What Are Your "How Did I Ever Live Without Them!" Products?


There are some products that, from the very first use, make you wonder how on earth you managed to get along without them. You know the kind of things I mean: maybe they're just the very best in their class and outperform every other similar offering you've tried, or perhaps they make life a bit easier by simple virtue of fulfilling their intended function, but they're products that created something of a "eureka!" moment when you introduced them to your routine.

I don't even need to think twice to know what my top five such products are. Quick-drying topcoat (I only really got into nails after discovering it), dry shampoo (so *that's* how you get more than one day out of a wash!), hair straighteners (my admittedly very straight hair looks polished and put together when it's been straightened, rather than hanging in rats' tails), eyelid primers (didn't even think I needed them until I started using them), and lip stains (all the colour of lipstick with none of the disappearing from lips or migrating all around the face drama.)


What are yours?

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