What is This Panoxyl When it's at Home, Then?

panoxylAdult acne is an increasing problem, and can be put down to a number of factors - the hormones we consume in the form of things like the pill and antibiotics, (not to mention what's in our food); pollution and environmental factors, plus stress all have a knock-on effect - and it's not always pretty.

Lots of you have been gassin' on about what to do about it, and Panoxyl has been name-checked a few times. It's a benzoyl peroxide cleanser that helps with oiliness and spots, much in the way that glycolic acid products like NeoStrata do. Also like NeoStrata, it's easily available in chemists, and it comes in a couple of formats - a cleansing bar in a 5% strength, a 10% strength and a 10% aqua gel formula. Oil free, they all help to clear existing acne blemishes and help to prevent new spots forming.

Princess Buttercup is a fan, "Panoxyl is brilliant, I used to use it in my teenage days but if you have sensitive skin or use it long-term it WILL peel your skin off. Maybe start with the 5% formulation rather than the 10% one", is her advice. Reader Cailin agrees, and she plumps for the gel formula. "Clears up all spots quickly!! bout 10 euro in chemists everywhere", she reveals.


And like all products that resurface the skin, you should be extra-vigilant about using a moisturiser with an SPF while you're treating skin with a product like Panoxyl.

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