What's your current favourite face mask?

face masque

Although I change my nail polish frequently, like to play fast and loose with colour cosmetics on my face, and am more than happy to try different foundations and tan and body treatments in my search for the best of the best, I'm not quite so quick to give new skincare products a full-time place in my regime.

Sure, I trial them to decide if they're actually any cop, but when push comes to shove and I need to reach for an emergency skin fix I'm more likely to reach for an old favourite then a new kid on the block.

Take last weekend by way of example. I was trying to fabulise myself/disguise the effects of too many late nights before a few days away, and after a thorough cleanse and exfoliation I found myself automatically reaching for my much loved tube of Dermalogica Multi Vitamin Power Recovery Masque. It's been a staple in my bathroom for the best part of five years, and the current incarnation is rolled up tight, with almost every last bit squeezed out; it's highly probable that a new tube will take its place when it runs dry.


After I cut this one open to ensure that not a single solitary drop remains, obviously.

That said, I could be tempted to stray on the basis of a glowing recommendation from you ladies - what face masks (or masques, indeed!) are you using and absolutely loving at the minute?

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