What's YOUR Hero Product?

Recently I was introduced to the concept of the 'hero' product. It's a term cosmetic companies use to describe their cult products - the ones that are their best sellers and perform the best for them.

Needless to say, this got me thinking about my hero products - the stuff I use over and over and basically cannot live without. 8 Hour Cream is one, as is Elizabeth Arden Green Tea scent (yep, I'm a bit of an EA fan alright!) and MAC is really the only brand I buy time and time again for eyeshadow. I'm a fickle creature when it comes to cosmetics to be sure, but we all have our staples, and I want to know what yours are.

So leave us a comment and let's get heroic!


UPDATE: Check out this post where we discussed our favourite lip gloss/balms/sticks etc (amongst other topics such as the possibility of bra wire sticking into your underarm) like DiorKiss and Benefit Pocket Pal. Or in this post on tanning, we check out all our favourite fake tans, like Lancome Flash Bronzer.

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