When Beaut.ie got Halloweenified…BOO!

What's the only day of the year when you see a woman dressed up as creepy Little Red Riding hood pass your sitting room window at 8 o'clock in the morning and you don't bat an eye-lid? Halloween of course. Or Hallowe'en as I like to write it for some reason. Does anyone else do that?

We at Beaut.ie love a good occasion and we jump at any chance to get gussied up so there was no way we could let All Hallow's Eve pass by without doing something. And as we have demonstrated on more than one occasion, there's no sexy nurse/vampire/witch what have you get up for us!

We traipsed down to LA Creative earlier today and this is what happened...

LA Creative Halloween 5 Special FX Make-Up Artist extraordinaire, Susan, begins our Andrea's transformation from beauty to...

LA Creative Halloween 1 (yes, she's really sewing her fake skin flaps together)

Andrea Halloween 1 ...Beast!

Andrea Halloween 2 So Purdy.

LA Creative are making-up guys and dolls as sexy this and that's for Halloween all day today and tomorrow to, but we couldn't help but go alllll out.

LA Creative Halloween 2 The magic begins!

LA Creative Halloween 4 That benevolent expression was about to change...

Miriam Halloween 3 She fell through a window on the way home (from robbing someone's house) Ow!

Also, just LOOK at Susan's handy work - amazing! And terrifying.

LA Creative Halloween 3

Thanks so much to Kelly and Susan from LA Creative who helped us succeed in our mission to scare everyone we encountered on the walk through town, we even made a child cry!


Are you dressing up for the night of ghouls and goblins? Will you go gruesome or gorgeous? Let us know! Bwah-ha-ha-ha-ha!

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