Why Use a Night Cream?

moonWe're always being told to use night cream, and how important it is that we do. But you could be easily forgiven for not knowing exactly why you should be doing this.

Yep, I know we're told that 'night time is when skin rejuvinates' but like - eh, why? Why night time?

I have the answer! It's basically because at night, it's dark. Doh, ok, so far so obvious. But your skin gets a break from UV rays at night and so it can concentrate on rebuilding and regenerating. And it needs moisture to do that - hence the emphasis on using a good night cream which will provide that essential moisture. So it's not just marketing fluff - there is a genuinely good reason behind using one.

As well as that, the skin does most of its hard regenerating work between the hours of 10pm and 2am (I wonder does it knows about the clocks going back and forward, eh?) so even if you don't go to bed till 12, try and get your night cream on your face earlier and you'll see the benefits.


Tell us in a comment what your favourite night cream is!

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