The exact skincare ingredients you need when you hit 30

In the first of Aisling's latest skin journey series, she goes for a consultation to find out the skincare ingredients essential for 30-something skin.

The difference of your skin from when you are in your twenties to when you're in your thirties is massive. We spend our twenties not using an SPF every day, not washing our makeup off at night before bed and using things like face wipes and supermarket brands in our threadbare skincare routines.

It's not until we get to our thirties that we can actually see the damage we have done over the last decade. (Pigmentation is usually the first sign that we have damaged our skin.) The good news is that you can always do something about the damage done if you address it in your thirties. All is not lost.

I always love a good skin mission, and I know from past experience that my skin loves routine. My skin never looked so good as when I was on a strict skin care routine in the run-up to my wedding. After the wedding, I have to say I did get very relaxed with my skincare routine. I just got a bit lazy and out of the habit. I could definitely see my skin had deteriorated since not having stuck to a proper system. So, to get back in the habit, I decided to do some research and speak to the pros.

The consultation

My research took me to River Medical where I booked an appointment to see the skincare specialist Valerie. She examined my skin under a light and asked me a series of questions. She also asked me what I expected to get out of this and how I would like my skin to look. We went through my current skincare routine (or lack thereof). Thankfully, she is not judgemental.


The ageing face is any face over the age of 25. Yes, 25. Valeruie explained the major building blocks required for skin rejuvenation is to use products with the following ingredients:

  • Topical: AHA, Retinol, Vitamin C, Peptides, Zinc (SPF)
  • Internal: Oral Zinc and Iron and a good multivitamin

Valery said that the ingredients listed above are the only ones that actively work for the skin. Once we turn 30, we lack in these ingredients and by simply replacing them we can help our skin so much.

Valerie explained that she likes a hands-on approach when it comes to skin, so the next step was a peel.

Catch up with me this week when I tell you all about it.

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