How to look after your skin after being out in the sun

With summer finally upon us, there's no doubt that we will make the most of it.

For many, this means hitting the beach and soaking up the sun.

While it is so important to put on the correct SPF, it is also important to look after your skin after you have been in the sun, even if you don't have any sunburn.

Here is how you can look after your skin after you've been out in the sun:

Have a cool shower

It is important to give back to your skin after a lot of sun exposure.

Having a cool shower will not only cool you off but also start the process of rehydrating your skin.

After your shower, you should pat your skin dry but don't rub it as you don't want to dry it completely.


You should moisturise your skin straight after the shower to help lock in as much moisture as possible.


An emollient moisturiser is best for this as it is thicker and provides the most hydration.

Aloe Vera is also something that you should use on any parts of your body that may have gotten a bot too much sun exposure.

Aloe Vera has healing properties and is great for damaged skin.

Stay hydrated

You need to hydrate from the inside too so keep sipping water.

You can add fruits and vegetables like cucumber and watermelon for an extra hydrating boost.

Don't forget your lips

Our lips are often forgotten in our sun care routine.

You should always use a lip balm with added SPF before going out in the sun.


After you have been out in the sun, it is important to use a lip exfoliant and moisturiser or lip balm.

Our lips often face the worst of the sun exposure.

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