Zara Cosmetics

zara eyeshadowNot being much of a Zara shopper, I was pretty surprised yesterday to discover they have a range of make up. I've had fairly decent experiences with H&M's extremely cheap offerings before, so I was a tad curious. I must point out at this stage that I'd dragged Himself round 40 shoe and clothes shops by this point, so his patience was wearing thin. Add that to him having to hold my handbag while I was in the changing room, I thought I'd better not push my luck.

Brights abound - that's probably what drew me like a magnet. Lots of little duo eyeshadows in chunky packaging in colours like orange/peach, lime/mint and all the colours of the rainbow besides. Very nice! Unlike that crappy picture above, which was all I could find of the range online. Bah! From the quick sweep I did over the tester, they seem to be nicely pigmented too. There are also lipglosses, coloured mascaras, shimmer powders and a load more.


I picked up a bronzer - you'd think I'd have learned my lesson by now, but no. Oh no no no. It's got 3 rings of colour - 2 various shades of bronze and one glittery ring. Yum! I had an auld go of it when I got home - lovely. Quite Lancome Star Bronzer in effect but not price - it cost me €7.90.

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