12 Days of Detox: Special K Reckons We're Fine Just as we Are

special k

Are you panicked post-Christmas and on a strict new regime? Here's another side to the detox/crash diet story: cereal brand Special K commissioned a poll of 150 Irish women to promote their 2-bowls-a-day-one-dinner diet they roll out in January and during the summer, and what they found was that 48% of Irish gals are really quite happy with what they've got, thanks, and no adjustments, detoxing (or cereal-based diets) required. Plus, 26% of us said our faces were the thing we liked most about ourselves, followed closely by 25% who reckon their gruaig is their crowning glory. Good news for anyone depressed at the constant portrayal of stick-thin figures in the media, I reckon, as it shows that we're only half fooled that it's a realistic ideal to live up to.

And now for the not so positive bit. While almost half of us are content with the overall picture, 38% would like to improve their stomach area, 15% would like to improve their thighs and a further 13% cited legs as an area they'd like to work on.


What about you guys though? What are you hoping to change in '09 - or are you gorgeous just as you are?

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