How to buy shoes like a pro - it will make all the difference

Shoes. You can never have enough, and with all the different types of occasions that demand different styles, that’s rightly so.

Having worked in selling shoes for over five years, I’ve picked up a few things and pieces of advice that I’d love to share. Hope these make your shoe buying experience all the more enjoyable.

As always, if you’ve any questions about shoe buying or if you just want to share your own shoe-related tales, feel free to post in the comments.

  1. Be aware that sizes vary between different shops and different brands

The expression is ‘know your size’, but this isn’t always a guarantee. Of course, when trying shoes, it’s always good to start with the size you typically take. However, be aware that there are discrepancies from shop to shop and from make to make. Heck, even when you find a make that suits your foot (as makes will typically have a similar fitting in their shoes), there can be differences from shoe to shoe.

The point here is to be aware that you may need to try a size bigger or smaller than what you typically take. And that’s just fine.

Bonus tip: I’ve found that a lot of women try a size bigger when buying boots like you would for runners. Start with your own size. They make boots bigger nowadays. You may find your foot swimming in them if you start off with a larger size.



  1. Look at the sole to get an idea of the width of the shoe

We're first drawn to the top of a shoe. It's what we see first, and it's arguably the most interesting part. However, it’s worth checking out the sole of the shoe too (and not just to see the price!).

Those with wider feet will find this tip particularly useful as shoes can actually be wider than they look from above. By examining the soles, you’ll soon recognise wider fittings quicker, and that means less time looking, more time buying!

woman boots

  1. For quality, buy shoes in a shoe store

While purchasing online has become so convenient, and there are often some fabulous designs by your favourite high street stores, the best shoes are sold by those who specialise in them. Namely, shoe shops. The people who can give you the best advice for shoe buying are those that work there.

Make sure to check out boutiques and not only the big chain stores, as you’ll often find some hidden treasures inside!

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