Well, there cannot be another website that has dedicated more time to helping you to find the best pair of denims than Beaut.ie - read the jeans category for tons of recommendations for every shape -  (and look out tomorrow for some great maternity jeans picks) so I hope all of you are skipping around in your favourite pair ever.  

Jeans have always been a winner for a night out, and hopefully you have found the perfect pair with the perfect fit.  If not we'll be back with more recommendations - we'll never give up!

But here I'm going to get controversial: don’t cover them up with tunic tops or long knits, let your shape and your jeans show and wow the crowd.

So what do you need to dress up your denims? Some bits you probably have already so just have a root in your wardrobe and get adventurous. But first, you need the jeans. If they fit like a dream and make you feel like a goddess then they're perfect in any colour, but dark denims generally look dressier for evening. So grab your best pair and style them for a great night time look.

Belt up Find the blingiest belt ever to make even the most simple outfit glamorous. Sparkly belts are all over the stores and if you are going for a dark look then a belt will really add glitz. Belts are also great as an alternative to tons of jewellery if that is not your style. And of course a belt will also flatter your waist.

Ablaze Blazers and jackets are perfect with jeans and can add a huge chunk of glam. Look out for a jacket with strong shoulders or a tuxedo jacket for a really on trend style. Peplum jackets look amazing and will show off your curves to perfection. Keep your top simple if your jacket is the star. Loving these white ones from Zara.     Killer heels The higher the heel the closer to God they say, so head on up in the most sparkly pair you can find. If you can’t manage in shoes than wear your ankle boots which also look great with jeans. And even though they are flat, over the knee boots look really sexy with skinny jeans tucked in.


Sparkle Pile on the accessories and glamorize your look with lots of bling (get loads more picks in our accessories category). Wear lots of pieces together and don’t be afraid to change it up a little. Not everything has to match but be careful not to go overboard. And watch out with earrings, if they are very long you might want to rethink the neckpiece!

Wear a sparkly top; it's the year to find one. Go for a cute vest top tucked in with a belt or a sexy sleeveless collared shirt left loose. Don’t choose anything too long, you want your denims to show.

Don’t treat them like a pair of leggings.

Clutch tight Carry a clutch for a final layer of sophistication. Clutches are big enough to hold all your essentials and will look dressier than any oversized bag. It’s the best bag to match your effortless style and is still big enough to fit your lippy. Easy peasy glamour, straight from your wardrobe!

What's your favourtie look for jeans on a night out?

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