Even Madonna Gets The Mammy Blues

Underneath all the malfunctioning capes, layers of make up, and - has to be said - massive shoes  (we'll get to those shortly), Madonna is a mum. She has just undergone a trauma that all parents dread, and yet you're meant to welcome it because it means you've done your job. Your little fledgling is flying the nest. You're meant to smile, and say you're very proud, because you are, but it also means a little part of you is breaking away.

Speaking in an interview with Extra, she described Lourdes leaving for college as "the first heartbreak of my life. I cried every night for weeks. I would go in her bedroom and lay on her bed and cry, it was terrible." Aww, Madge. We feel for you. 


It's like one of the final scenes in Toy Story 3, when Andy's mum goes into his empty room, wells up, and says "I just always wish I could be with you."

So, if you're seeing your mammy this Mother's Day, give her a bit squeeze cause, chances are, she misses you like the Bejaysis. Here, why not bring her a pressie



For those stuck on Madonna's aforementioned massive shoes, she is just mad for the platforms at present. Did you own a pair circa '92? I did (helped with the long flares), not sure I'd be resurrecting them in a hurry mind - going over on your heel is hellish


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