5 Things You Need To Know For A Successful First Date

First dates can be nerve-racking whether it’s with someone you barely know or someone you’ve known for a while. Here are 5 things you need to know for a successful first date.


1. Keep Things Simple 

The whole point of a first date is to get to know the other person better. 

So don’t over complicate things by trying to plan a really romantic date or making it a whole day out. 

Simply going for coffee or drinks is the perfect first date as it gives you the opportunity to see how well you get along.

If it goes well you could go for lunch or dinner afterwards and if it doesn’t go so well you can easily excuse yourself without feeling guilty about it. 


2. Mentally prepare yourself beforehand 

This may sound strange but it’s important to be in the right headspace before going on a first date. 

If you go into the date with negative feelings they will stay with during the date and can prevent you from realising that it went well or going any further with the other person. 

Practice self-compassion and try to hype yourself up before a first date. 

If this seems difficult for you then find a friend who’s willing to be your hype man before first dates and talk to them to get yourself in the right headspace. 


3. Don’t use your phone during the date

I know we’re all addicted to our phones but during a first date, it’s a no go. 

Tapping it to check the time is okay of course but NEVER pick up your phone and start checking social media or replying to someone’s message during a date, especially while your date is talking. 


Firstly, it’s extremely rude and secondly, if you feel the need to use it during a date then maybe you shouldn’t have agreed to go on it in the first place. 

Of course, there are exceptions like when you’re talking about a certain topic and need to quickly google something neither of you could think of or check who was right.


4. Be Yourself 

This is an obvious one but always be yourself on a first date. 

If you feel the need to alter yourself in any way to ensure the other person likes you then you shouldn’t be going on the date at all. 

There’s no need to lie or exaggerate things to impress someone. 

Most people don’t like this kind of behaviour anyways so you’re better off just being yourself. 

Dating is all about finding someone you can connect with, who makes you happy and who you can be completely yourself around. 

So if your date doesn’t like you for you then don’t waste your time trying to convince them otherwise. 


5. Don’t discount them straight away

Okay, I’ll be honest this is one is something I’m definitely guilty of and need to work on myself, don’t discount your date straight away. 

Your “soulmate” or “perfect match” or whatever you want to call them won’t necessarily be 100% compatible with you and that’s okay. 

They don’t say opposites attract for no reason! 

So if the date goes well and you both had a good time don’t make silly excuses not to see them again. 


If the initial attraction is there and you have good conversation then don’t discount them just because their job, interests or hobbies don’t perfectly line up with yours. 

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